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What is it like to be a client? Why did you book escorts? How did you feel afterwards? What did you like most about the industry? And least? All these questions and more, will be answered by a real former client named @BourbonSmash on Twitter. He is temporary retired and willing to talk from his point of view about the sex industry.

What was it like to be a client of an escort?

It was a hurricane of emotions the first couple of times, I was so nervous just walking into the hotel made me shiver. After my first date I was hooked, I had this idea of escorts created by the media that I was surprised how different escorts are in real life, you ladies are so caring and lovely. Now, to fully answer your question, to be a client of an escort is an experience every man should have at least once in his lifetime, it’s the type of experience I didn’t know I need it until I had it, the sensual atmosphere of the room, a beautiful woman paying close attention to my needs without prejudice and catering to those needs enthusiastically was just addictive. What I like the most about being a client of escorts is how simple dating becomes, you don’t have to pretend something you are not, you can relax and truly enjoy the company of a lady.

How did you feel after seeing an escort?

That’s a good question. I have always left a date with an escort walking in the clouds, the feeling of materializing a fantasy with a beautiful woman you wanted to be is just out of this world you know, sometimes I feel like I’m sixteen again with those teenage dreams of dating women that could be on the cover of a magazine, I carry a smile for days after a successful date with an escort I’ve been wanting to see. Also, when the high of the date vanishes after a few days is kind of a downer but definitely worth every time.

What part of the appointment did you like the most and the least?

The part I like the most is when the lady opens the door and receives me with a big smile wearing a sexy outfit, I can tell we are gonna have a good or a bad session from the very first minutes of meeting, it’s just the energy and the vibe the lady has that can make the appointment go either way, as well as the predisposition we clients bring to the date, very important. Now regarding the part I like the least of every appointment must be that if it’s a good session going perfect, it’s just that time runs faster ha! And all of the sudden you are 15 minutes away to finish the date, that and hotels that require a key-card for the elevator.

What would you advise first time clients who are new to the hobby?

I would advise to be or at least try to be the perfect gentleman, I have discovered that escorts value chivalry more than civvie women. Respect goes a very long way with escorts, unfortunately we live in times where respect is consider a weakness when it’s actually a strength. Another thing is just to follow her instructions on her website, it’s amazing the fact that you see a beautiful woman you want to meet and she’s handing you on a silver plate the steps to get a date with her.

Thank you! Websites are very important. Did you prefer to book the same escorts, or see new ones? And why?

I actually book both, new and same escorts, when I book a lady for a second or third time it’s because there’s a special connection with her, I might be too sentimental on this but I believe every date with the same escort just gets better and better on every new date we have. Having said that, I like to book new ladies because this lifestyle is a journey of self discovery, and the more new experiences with new ladies I have, the more I get to know myself.

Have you ever had a deep connection with any escort you’ve seen?

Oh yes absolutely, definitely with my ATF (All Time Favorite), we have this connection where we even video chat just because we enjoy each other’s personalities, she has been amazing on this time of trouble I’m currently going through, I know I won’t get any freebies neither I would ever ask her for that, I always booked her and provide her rates without taking advantage of our connection. It’s just an unbelievable friendship we have created, I am planning coming out of this temporarily retirement by taking her somewhere really special, of course paying her rates.

Why do you think people have a stigma towards escorts?

That’s a short complex question that needs a long detailed answer but I’ll try my best to be concise. I believe the main reason is the patriarchy system we live in, just take a look at male escorts, how many of them do you see going through the same hurdles women escorts do? male escorts are glorified sexual heroes for lonely women that have no other choice to find intimacy than paying for it, apparently we men, specially in The US are not allowed to pay for intimacy because we are expected to be alpha males 24/7 and never pay for intimacy, funny as it is, in countries like Brazil, escorts are not stigmatized as in The US. Another reason is ignorance fueled by portrayals of the media about sex work, unfortunately movies and tv shows need to sell sex, and what better plot than young beautiful women making unbelievable amounts of money per hour.

Have you ever told any friend or family member about your encounters? Why or why not?

I have told to a very few of my friends, I am latino and in Latin America although is very macho culture oriented is not so judgmental as America is, for example: I have told some latino friends and they’re like ok and even share their own encounters, or rather bragging about it; but if you tell an American they just start showing all their prejudices and the worst is that they also see escorts but it’s their “dirty little secret” and want to keep i that way, that’s why I don’t tell civvie american friends about it.

Have you ever hobbied with someone else?

Not really in the US but you know, the community in SW Twitter keeps growing and I have established friendships with other gents, we have talked about going to Australia or England to see some ladies that don’t tour the US, of course there’s a lot of logistics involved to make it happen but we are really interested in doing it. There was a meet and greet in NYC back in July this year, I unfortunately missed, where escorts and clients enjoyed a nice evening that made dates happened.

What did you like the most about the industry? And least?

The opportunity to spend time and intimacy with gorgeous beautiful women that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to meet. Also, the journey of self discovery I’ve had in these years of booking escorts as well the friends I’ve made along the way. Now the thing I like the least is the criminalization of sex work in America, the way both sex workers and clients are treated by the law is borderline inhumane, specially for sex workers, we clients mostly suffer the stigma but sex workers have to deal with stigma on top of many other unfair laws and regulations by the government.

What are the qualities you looked for when you were searching for a lady?

Well, I can’t really say I looked for specifics when searching for a lady, I always let the first impression of her photos to give that “wow” moment, that’s the moment when a lady is just so beautiful I have to meet her, I think that’s a good way to choose an escort, that strange feeling that you want to meet her no matter what. I had that feeling with my ATF unknowingly she was gonna end up being so important to me, I first saw her on twitter because another lady retweeted her and I was just hypnotized by her beauty and after our first date I discovered an amazing human being full of an amazing energy.

What do you think about seeing duo companions? Have you ever had one?

Another experience every man should have, just make sure you find the right duo. That’s one of my pending subjects on this lifestyle, hopefully soon.

Why did you prefer to book escorts over civie dating?

I’ve thought about this many times and I must say it’s because I like to date “outside my league” and escorts provide me the opportunity to date beautiful women I just failed to attract in civvie dating. I know this may come across as me being lazy to pick up women but the simplicity and honesty of the process is definitely a big plus, you don’t have to pretend in order to get what you really are looking for, you can speak honestly to an escort and if we both agree, we can proceed and have a good time together.

When you met a new escort, what were the qualities in her you most valued?

So many qualities, but definitely the one I valued the most was her talent to put me at ease with her personality, I think that’s how you differentiate a good escort from a bad one, a good escort makes you feel the most handsome man in the world and eases your nerves on a date, I always enjoyed when a lady made me feel like I knew her for a long time when I just met her 15 minutes earlier. I do believe personality goes a long way and great escorts have lots of it.

How do you define a sexy woman – inside, outside and sexually?

That’s a good question, I think a sexy woman is the one with lots of confidence and express it in a natural way like “sprezzatura” it’s for men. What I love about confident women, specially in this lifestyle, is that escorts are more adventurous about dates, I’ve seen ladies that feel comfortable at a fancy restaurant full of Michelin stars or a pizza shop at 3AM, they enjoy the moment and appreciate good honest company, they just vibe different.

What made you stop booking escorts?

Unfortunately I had a personal problem outside the lifestyle that makes it difficult to continue seeing escorts at the moment. I am working my way out of this situation and hopefully on 2020 my circumstances change and come back to the lifestyle.

Do you think you will ever come back to the industry? Why?

Yes I will, I enjoy it too much to let it go just yet.

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure like always.

The pleasure was all mine, I enjoyed the questions and can’t wait to book my next date with a beautiful lady. Thank you for having me.

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