Please, READ THIS PAGE before contacting me to avoid any future misunderstanding.

Health - Drugs

Alcohol is accepted as long as you don’t get extremely intoxicated. Smoking tobacco is accepted, I do NOT smoke. Please, don’t ask me to take hard drugs. My health is very important to me! I have never tried them, I do not like them and I do not want to join you. You’re free to do whatever you like after I’m gone. I will refuse our date if I see any sign that you took them prior to my arrival. I will NOT engage in any health risk activities.


It’s effortless to be a courteous and honorable man. Please, make sure that my gift is discreetly handed to me within the first 10 minutes of our meeting in an unsealed envelope, magazine or gift box. Donations are not negotiable. Intoxication, rude or aggressive behavior will never be tolerated and will result in the ending of our time together.


Please be prepared to provide 2 references of companions you have met in the past few months, your employment information, a picture of your ID or your P411 ID depending on the location of the appointment. I require different screening information depending on which country we are meeting at. This information will be verified so please, be honest.


I require a  $/£/€ 100 for dates under 12 hours. All Fly Me To You dates require a 50% deposit. I do not make any exceptions. If you cancel, your deposit will NOT be refundable but will be used towards a rescheduled date. If I cancel, which would be extremely rare, your deposit will be 100% returned or you will be offered a new rescheduled date. 2 cancellations in a row will result in being blacklisted as a time waster and I will not see you again.


Please let me know if you have any privacy concerns, however, rest assured I am very private and I would never wish to jeopardize our discretion. I use encrypted email and practice a high level of anonymity so I will combine perfectly at dinner, social events or when traveling together. NDAs can be signed if required, I understand your need for discretion. I recommend using Proton Mail to email me.


I have decided I do not want to be reviewed. Measuring our time in a numerical scale is not realistic. Every experience may differ from one person to another. How we spend our time is something to keep it between us! I do accept word-of-mouth recommendations to your friends.

References Friendly

I am willing to provide other companions references for you. Please, notify me before you send her my information.


Gifts are never required but will always make me blush. What girl doesn’t love being pampered? If you would like to give me something special here are some ideas. Gift Cards are preferred! Chocolates are welcome too!


I do not offer last minute or 30 minutes dates. For dates in London, 24 hours notice is required. For all travel dates, a one week notice is strictly required. To avoid disappointment please get in touch in advance of the proposed date and plan ahead. You should be able to set an appointment within 10-15 emails.

If you have any doubts about anything I haven’t mentioned, please get in touch.