10 Don’ts When Seeing An Escort

Things to avoid when hiring a sex worker:

Or how not to be a completely creep

  1. DON’T leave your laptop open facing the bed. We are not stupid. Filming someone without her consent is a crime.
  2. DON’T ask for her personal information if she doesn’t want to share. Invasion of privacy is disrespectful.
  3. DON’T ask for her room number at the hotel reception. Be discreet. Follow the instructions she emailed or texted you before the appointment. We could be kicked out if hotel staff find out about it.
  4. This seems obvious, but DON’T follow her home. We don’t need anyone spying or stalking us. It’s extremely scary. Keep it professional only and don’t obsess over her. Same goes for online stalking.
  5. DON’T be rude asking her for unsafe practices. Keep it classy. Wrap it up! Be safe, please.
  6. DON’T out or dox her, also pretty obvious. Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you. If for any particular reason you know her real name or personal details, the best you could do is keep it to yourself. We don’t want to hear other girl’s being exposed even if it’s a private conversation. Who says you won’t do the same with our info? Exactly. It indicates we can’t trust the client.
  7. DON’T try to pressure her into doing something she doesn’t want to do. Mutual respect is a must! Every escort is different from each other, what X likes, probably Y doesn’t. And vice versa.
  8. DON’T try to sneak out of following her screening process if she requires it. That’s seen as extremely rude to us and it makes us feel your intentions aren’t quite right. If you don’t even want to tell us your name, how do we know you don’t plan on abusing, raping, hitting or murdering us? You just need to google “escort murder” and you’ll see what we mean. It is a dangerous job and therefore, we appreciate clients that make our job simpler and safer. PS. Dear European clients, there’s so much you need to learn from Americans. S-C-R-E-E-N, THANKS!
  9. DON’T overstay. The time you paid for should be the time you stay with her. If you want her to stay longer, pay her to stay longer. SIMPLE! You don’t want to stay extra hours at your work without getting paid for those hours, right? We neither.
  10. DON’T try to date her outside work. Most of us are not looking for any type of romantic non-transactional relationship. So things like: “Are you single?” “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” “I wanna be with you” … those things are unnecessary. It will make her feel uncomfortable with you and probably, the conversation will turn into an awkward silence.

We, companions, are normally very kind and friendly so please, be aware of all the topics mentioned above. Trying to avoid those things will help you become a trustworthy and decent client for us.

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