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E U R O P E A N   L U X U R Y   C O M P A N I O N

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1 hour 

£450 ~ 500€

2 hours 

£700 ~ 800€

3 hours

£1,000 ~ 1.100€

4 hours

£1,200 ~ 1.300€

6 hours

£1,400 ~ 1.500€

12 hours

£2,000 ~ 2.200€

Longer dates have priority.




Any money exchanged are kind and generous gifts to show appreciation for my time and companionship ONLY. What may then occur between two consenting adults is their personal choice.

Please Note

Weekend: 3 days

£5,000 ~ 5.700€ ~ $6,500

Short Trip: 5 days

£7,500 ~ 8.600€ ~ $9,800

Full Week: 7 days

£10,000 ~ 11.500€ ~ $13,000

You can also fly me to you

for a shorter duration in EU.

(Vienna, Paris, Milan, Geneva...)

I am also open to longer durations and exclusive arrangements.


For short dates, I require a 20% pre-payment in order to set aside your date and time requested. It can be made by PayPal, E-gift Cards or Circle Pay. The rest will be handed in an open envelope within the first 10 minutes of our date.


For travel dates, I require a 50% deposit made 1 week in advance. The rest will be handed in an open envelope when I arrive at the airport / hotel. Traveling expenses are covered by you: flight tickets, 5-star hotel, taxis, food and beverages. 



I understand that emergencies arise, please provide a minimum 24 hours notice if you must cancel. Your deposit will be used towards a re-scheduled time. Unfortunately, travel expenses cannot be refundable or re-used. Cancellation from me is very rare but if it would to happen, your deposit will be 100% returned and you will be offered a new scheduled date.




1 hour


2 hours


3 hours


4 hours


6 hours


12 hours



(Los Angeles, Washington DC...)