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How long in advance should I ask for an appointment?

To make sure that I’m available on the date and time you prefer, I always recommend you to request a date a number of days in advance.

It will guarantee my availability.


Can I see you today?

I cannot schedule same day appointments. I require 48 hours notice for all short dates and 1 week notice for travel dates.

I really appreciate your understanding. 


Why did you decline my appointment request?

Please, ensure you approach me as a gentleman. I take safety seriously. I am selective, and will have no hesitation to politely decline your business if you are not behaving as a man of honour or have been blacklisted by other models or agencies. I reserve the right to refuse the business of anyone under my judgement. 


Why do you need to call to my hotel room phone prior to the meeting?

As a security measure, I could ask you for your full Guest Name and Room Number. I need to confirm that the information given is real and make sure you are in the room you say you are, discretion is always assured.


Do you accommodate Incalls?

Unfortunately, I don’t.

Should we book a private room, I can take care of it happily. 


I am a well-known person. Is it possible to maintain my anonymity?

I’m very prudent myself and highly appreciate discretion. All the information sent won’t be gathered or stored in any device. I use an encrypted email, I value your privacy very much. Please, keep in mind safety is also very important for me, personal information will ONLY be used to verify you. NDAs can be signed if required.


Are your pictures genuine?

Yes, they are.

The girl in the pictures will be the girl you meet in person.

You will find all my recent pictures on Photos.

They are accurate (February 2019). 


Can you send me an unblurred picture of your face or a selfie?

Sorry, but the answer will always be NO to extra pictures.

Selfies showing my face are NOT available for my discretion.

I suggest you take a look at my Instagram and Twitter photos.


Do you accept other currencies?

Yes, I do.

I am currently accepting EUR, GBP & USD.


Are your gifts negotiable?

No, they are not. Please, check Invest.

Asking for a discount it is not only disrespectful for me but also for all the lovely ladies that may have a donation accordingly to your budget.


What are the payment methods?

For deposits, I prefer Net-A-Porter E-Gift Cards. I can also accept Paypal. Cash will be handed when we meet. I plan to manage credit cards and bank transfers for deposits in the near future.


What is a turn-off for you?

Illegal drugs, extremely intoxicated & disrespectful men.

A big turn-on for me is a POLITE GENTLEMAN.


Which services do you offer?

I don't offer A or B services, I offer an experience. If you intend to cross a checklist of acronyms, I’m not the girl for you and I encourage you to pursuit a different companion.