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Hello and welcome to my official website!


My name is Mia Blanco and I’m very happy you have found me.

I’m an independent London courtesan and travel companion. I’m well-educated, young, sweet and passionate. As you can see from my pictures, I'm very refined and stylish. I love wearing elegant outfits as I believe casual clothing wouldn't match my personality. Having been to every continent on the world (except Antarctica) since I was a kid, made me a very open minded person and I truly love foreign countries. Please, do NOT feel you cannot contact me due to cultural differences.


My hair is light brown by nature, I do not dye it so that gives my hair both volume and shine. My eyes always get the most compliments from both men and women, as they are naturally blue greyish with a green tone.

My skin is very light in winter but I get tanned easily during summer.

I would absolutely love to sunbathe in the Caribbean with you. 

Who knows, you may never want to stop staring at my beautiful face!

I would like to show my face but unfortunately it is not possible, I have another life out of this universe. I prefer to mantain my anonymity.

Please, respect my choice.


I like reading books, writing poetry, shopping, visiting museums, and keeping up with the latest news around the world. Yes, I watch the BBC and read The Economist. I enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate time spent with respectful and polite gentlemen that take care of themselves and treat ladies right. I VERY MUCH DISLIKE rude approaches. If that is your usual demeanour, I recommend you look for a different model.


I would be pleased to join you in your next trip, social event or romantic dinner. As an upscale companion I travel regularly and feel comfortable easily when doing so. I am a non-smoker and I do not take drugs, but I drink slightly only when social. We could have a glass of your favourite wine while we conversate in English or Spanish about any topic.  


I suggest you take a look at my profile.

If you like what you see, please get in touch.



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